In many Indian languages, Chowk is a meeting point of roads and areas for assembly for a specific work . Chowki started off as Internet age Chowk. Meeting & interaction platform for Students, Faculty, College Administrators, College Management, Companies working in Educational Technologies, Volunteers from Industry & others who are keen to be in touch with Academia. For more than 10 years, it was a “Not for Profit” initiative and resulted in various Guest lectures, Donation of books, Regular Seminars, Key notes in Conferences in Colleges, Services in board of studies, Governing Counsel etc.etc.


Taking note of feedback from well wishers, Chowki was transformed and registered as a Private Limited Company in Jan 2012 with broad mission of “Contributing to Connecting Industry and Academia”


Our Main Programs


  • 1) Aggregator of best in class products and solutions from promising startups and Established Companies in India & Abroad and bring them to all Educational Institutes. We achieve this by our wide contacts build over last many decades and Pan India sales network with Business Associates/Representatives in many state capitals & major Educational centres
  • 2) e-learning/Remote Delivery platform in association with Technology Developers.
  • 3) Technology, Business and Operational Consulting services
  • 4) Chowki Educational Fund as a helpline for all things related to “Skills transfer”
  • 5) Continued platform for part time contribution to Academia through Chowki-Connect initiative


We stand for dynamism and movement and for ideas to rise and shine, which is reflected in our logo.

Over time, we have built a network of contacts to provide one stop services for startups , especially in tech space.